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Our Brands

At Exitou, Inc., our commitment to technological innovation and transformative learning extends across a variety of distinct, yet complementary brands. Each brand reflects our mission, vision, and dedication to empowering businesses, while offering unique solutions to meet a diverse range of client needs.

ExpandLMS is a robust and intuitive platform that focuses on employee learning and development, offering features for performance tracking, goal setting, social learning and collaboration, feedback and recognition, and reporting and analytics. is an AI-driven application designed to create and tailor educational content. From online courses to e-books, it provides custom learning products, optimal learning objectives, quiz questions, and additional resource recommendations. This innovative tool empowers you to revolutionize learning experiences in a variety of delivery formats.

L&D University is a dedicated platform for Learning and Development professionals, offering courses in AI, Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing, among others. Our programs empower professionals to adapt to the digital landscape, providing impactful learning experiences.

Docugrade, our AI-powered document writing and grading tool, automates feedback on grammar, syntax, and other aspects of writing, streamlining the grading process for educators, while providing personalized feedback that helps students improve their writing skills. is our fractional Learning and Development service that provides an efficient, cost-effective solution to startups and small businesses.

Learnfinity is an AI-powered platform revolutionizing corporate learning. Transforming traditional methods into dynamic, personalized experiences, our platform encourages collaboration and social engagement. As your personal corporate coach, Learnfinity equips you with current, industry-specific knowledge, fostering personal growth and success.

An Invitation to Investors


Dr. Reggie R. Padin, Founder

Are you seeking an opportunity to invest in a dynamic and forward-thinking technology company that's shaping the future of business growth and development? We warmly invite you to consider Exitou, Inc.

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